Partenaire Invisible - affiche

Partenaire invisible (Invisible Partner)

Download the press kitDocumentary, 44 min., directed by Sylvie Rosenthal

Nomination Best Documentary Script – Prix Gémeaux 2014


In order to finally set the record straight about family caregivers, four family caregivers, aged 34 to 61, who are looking after their parents, children or spouses aged 10 to 97, allow us into their lives and show us the burdens of their daily routine. Theirs is a world of abnegation, isolation, exhaustion and impoverishment. In the thick of their travails, they confide their feelings and frustrations and propose solutions to improve their condition. They find themselves abandoned by their milieu – jobs that cannot accommodate their needs, archaic labour laws that cannot adjust to their realities, and government help that is still embryonic and minimal. We also follow Caroline, Coordinator of an Association of family caregivers. In addition to providing support to caregivers, she is campaigning on their behalf. Nobody is immune to becoming a caregiver overnight or suddenly in need of one him/herself. The precarious situation of caregivers is alarming. If nothing is done to improve their conditions, we will find ourselves sick and we will die alone at home, no matter what our age. Is that what we can expect from society?