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Aveugles de luxe

Press Kit
Documentary, 45 min., directed by Sylvie Rosenthal

The documentary AVEUGLES DE LUXE follows nine Quebecers with differing visual impairments who successfully navigate professional life in the “real world.” Entrepreneurs, professionals, tradespeople: each participant shares their personal journey on the road to professional success, challenging societal attitudes about blindness as a disability. Rejecting labels of ‘hero’ or ‘victim,’ these blind professionals are vibrant, funny, dynamic and determined. They are highly relatable in their desire to succeed in work and in life – just like the rest of us!
At times, the visual impairments of the protagonists are simulated on-screen to further immerse the viewer in the protagonists’ worlds, to gain insight into their everyday lives and illuminate the unique perspectives they bring to the importance of social integration and participation for the differently-abled.


Canal D
Sunday, January 17, 2016 at 9:00PM
(January 19 at  2:00PM and January 20 at 7:00AM)